We’re a small studio based in Whitby, Ontario. Ominous Games was founded in 2015 as a student team at UOIT. After finding local success and recognition with our first few projects, we’ve started developing our first commercial title and we’re very excited to share it with the community.

Our team consists of three undergraduate students entering our fourth year of study at UOIT:

Josh Bellyk, Vice-President and Creative Director

Josh is a talented artist specializing in 3D environment modelling and texturing, with extensive experience working in Maya, 3D-Coat, and Photoshop. He is also highly skilled in character modelling, animation, and concept work.

Owen Meier, Vice-President and Lead Designer

Owen is a skilled designer with an uncanny knack for finding and exploiting bugs and glitches in video games, giving him the distinctive ability to identify key issues in game builds and bring them to the team. He is also an adept level designer with an eye for player experience.

Samantha Stahlke, President, CEO, and Technical Director

Samantha is a cross-platform programmer who has worked extensively with a number of programming languages, including C++, C#, Java, Swift, PHP, and Python. She has developed numerous projects with Unity and functions as both a gameplay and engine programmer for the team.